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What Is A MERV Rating And Why Is It Important?

What Is A MERV Rating And Why Is It Important?

MERV Defined
MERV is an acronym established by the US EPA and stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. It's typically used to indicate the ability of an air filter to capture particles between 0.3 and 10 microns, so it indicates the level of air quality within a home.

Is MERV Important?
Although most homes use a filter that's between 6 and 13 on the MERV rating, those who have health issues or breathing difficulty may require a filter with a higher MERV rating. A higher MERV value means the filter is more effective at trapping sub-micron particles. The minimum MERV value is 1, and the maximum is 20. Levels over 16 are used in cleanrooms and hospitals, so many MERV scales show only numbers 1 through 16.

Isn't The Highest MERV Value The Best?
Although intuitively it would seem that the highest number would be the best, this isn't necessarily the case. The levels indicate the weave tightness of the filter, which affects the airflow through the filter. For home use, the higher levels won't allow sufficient air to pass through the filter, which can damage the HVAC unit. Higher-number filters need heavy-duty, commercial systems to function well, so levels 16 and under are typically recommended for home use.

Change Your Filter Regularly
The best filter won't work well if it's clogged and the air can't flow freely. For best results, change your filter according to the manual that came with your HVAC unit. Although some units recommend changing your filter monthly or quarterly, if you have pets or a high particulate count in your home, change them more frequently. Your HVAC unit in the Greater Toronto Area will last longer when the filter is kept clean.

Where Do I Find HVAC Services In The Greater Toronto Area?
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