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Tips for Staying Cool on a Budget

June 10, 2022

Tips for Staying Cool on a Budget

Inflation is being deeply felt right now; high gas prices, increased grocery costs, and overall surging costs of living. Many are learning to budget nowadays to help overcome these high costs. Let’s uncover some cost-effective ways to stay cool this summer season.

Financing: 12 Months No Payment No Interest
Having the proper system in your home is necessary for optimal comfort. Of course, there are many cooling options on the market. However, you should not have to compromise comfort for cost. At Maple Air Heating and Cooling, proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area, we provide our customers with the option of 12 months no payment no interest. We understand the importance of a well cooled home, especially during the overwhelmingly hot summers Toronto experiences. Stay budget friendly by choosing the financing route when you purchase a new air conditioner with us.

Use Zoning Ductless System to Cool Individual Areas in Your Home
Most homeowners have a central air conditioner responsible for cooling their entire home. Although this is a great cooling system choice, when you are trying to stay on a budget, it may not be ideal to have all the rooms in your home cooled, especially if they are not in use. If you work from home and use a specific room as an office, consider investing in a ductless air conditioner for the particular area. Ductless air conditioners are easy to install, budget-friendly, and provide personalized comfort.

Smart Technology is Your Best Friend
As technology improves, efficiency follows. Nowadays, newer systems are made more energy-efficient and help homeowners with savings. A smart thermostat is a great starting point. Being easy to install, a smart thermostat offers many benefits such as customization, flexibility, and most importantly energy savings.

Upgrade your System
At Maple Air Heating and Cooling, we service the Greater Toronto Area, and offer top-quality air conditioners from Carrier. Carrier, the leader in air conditioner solutions, constantly innovates their systems to allow users to have a greener experience - this means increased efficiency and decreased energy costs. A new system is an investment, but you can stay budget friendly by taking advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative. This federal government program is positioned to allow Canadians to improve their home’s energy efficiency while receiving up to $5,600 in grants. Take a look at our Canada Greener Homes Grant page for more information or contact us today to get in touch with a specialist.

When looking for ways to enhance your home’s heating or cooling experience, it’s best to speak to our HVAC experts at Maple Air. We are proud to have served the Greater Toronto Area for over two decades, and we look forward to helping you improve your home environment. Contact us today!

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