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Enbridge Rebate

Receive $5000 in incentives. Qualify for thousands in available incentives from Enbridge Gas for installing eligible energy effciency upgrades in your home!


  1. Complete a home pre-audit with a Registered Energy Advisor (REA).
    Contact one of many available REAs listed at It takes 2-3 hours and will ensure you qualify for the program. Once you complete the program, you’ll receive $600 back for the audits.
  2. Successfully complete at least two qualifying upgrades.
    Enbridge recommends getting at least three quotes before choosing a contractor. Contractor list can be found online at
  3. Complete a home post-audit with the same Registered Energy Advisor
    The post-audit takes 1-2 hours and must take place within 120 days of your initial pre-audit. Your REA will then submit your paperwork to Enbridge, and you’ll receive your incentive cheque by mail within 90 days.
Image of a family
Image of a family

Requirements to participate in Home Energy Conservation Program

  • Own a detached or semi-detached house, mobile home, or row townhouse
  • Heat your home using natural gas, oil, propane, wood, or electricity
  • Live in the Enbridge Gas Program delivery area
  • Complete home energy audits both before and after renovations are made
  • Plan and complete at least two qualifying renovations

Homeowner incentive opportunities include:

High-Efficiency Furnace or Boiler*: $750
For replacing a
• Less than 95% AFUE natural gas furnace
• 89% or less AFUE natural gas boiler
with a
• 95% or higher AFUE condensing natural gas furnace
• 90% or higher AFUE condensing natural gas boiler.

Basement Insulation: Up to $1,000 1 2 3.
Add at least R23 to 100% of basement

Exterior wall insulation: up to $1,500 1.
Add at least R9 for 100% of building to achieve a minimum of R12

Attic insulation: Up to $500 3.
Increase attic insulation to at least R50 from R12 or less

Air Sealing: up to $150.
Achieve 10% or more above base target

Window/Door/Skylight: approx. $40 4.
For each window, door or skylight replaced with ENERGY STAR® Zone 2 or 3 qualified model.

Water heater: $200. 5
• Replace water heater with 0.80 EF or higher tanked natural gas water heater.
• Replace water heater with 0.82 EF or higher tankless natural gas water heater
Note: The combo system qualifies as a water heater and is eligible for the rebate. 6

1 The rebate is pro-rated based on the percentage of wall area insulated and does not include walls between individual units. For a semi-detached, rebates are 75 per cent of the amounts shown. For a row townhome, rebates are 50 per cent of the amounts shown.
2 Can qualify for either crawl space wall or floor above crawl space rebate.
3 Insulate a minimum of 20 per cent of the total ceiling area. When the roof consists of more than one type and/or sections (i.e., any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof), rebates are pro-rated based on the total ceiling area percentages upgraded. The rebate for any combination of attic, cathedral ceiling and flat roof cannot exceed $500.
4 $40 rebate per rough opening. Bay window considered one rough opening.
5 Maximum one water heater rebate per home.
6 A combi or combo system CANNOT qualify for both the space heating boiler rebate and the domestic hot water rebate; it counts as one measure. However, replacing a combi or combo system with a space heating boiler and domestic water heater counts as two measures and qualifies for both rebates.

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