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Summer HVAC Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your HVAC system is one of the best ways to help avoid major issues and keep the unit running like new for longer. While maintenance throughout the year is important, it's particularly crucial in the summer when cool air is demanded indoors. To make this task a little bit easier, keep the summer maintenance tips below in mind as the weather warms up. 

Change the Air Filter 
Changing out your air filter can increase energy efficiency and help keep your indoor air much cleaner. It's recommended to do the replacement once per month in the summer, or simply clean the filter if you have one that can be removed. 

Set the Ideal Thermostat Temperature 
Your air conditioner should be set at around 25 degrees during the summer in order to prevent the air conditioner from working overtime. Household fans can help keep the air flowing so you stay cool without needing the air conditioner to be on all the time. What's even better is that this can save you quite a bit of money on your energy bill. 

Clean the Exterior 
The outside of your HVAC unit should be kept clear from weeds, overgrown bushes, and other vegetation that can interrupt air flow. If you notice debris on the unit, gently brush it away to prevent damage. 

Check Seals 
Doors, windows, and ducts should be properly sealed to ensure air isn't able to escape. This will save you money and help keep the temperature more comfortable throughout the year. 

Clean the Drain 
Clear any clogs in the drain that supplies water to your unit to help reduce strain during operation. 

Call a Professional 
If you notice any strange noises, cooling inefficiencies, heating inefficiencies, or other issues, it's important to call a professional. In addition to doing a full inspection, they'll be able to perform repairs that are needed to keep the unit running smoothly.

What Shape is Your HVAC Unit in? 
It's important to perform maintenance on your heating and cooling unit throughout the year. Even if it seems like it's running well, maintenance can help prevent future issues and minimize the risk of damage. It only takes a few minutes and is worth the small amount of effort it takes. Contact us today for any HVAC services or products. 
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