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How to Choose the Right Fireplace for Your Home

The process of picking the right fireplace for a home can be somewhat challenging because there are many options available, and specific designs produce heat by using a certain power source. If you want to simplify the shopping phase, you'll need to consider a few things while choosing an indoor or outdoor fireplace while understanding the advantages and benefits.

Fireplace Options

All fireplaces have unique hardware that produces heat. The main heating options include
  1. Electric: An electric fireplace is a practical option for residents who need fresh, clean air throughout the coldest months. This type of unit doesn't burn wood, coal, or gas in order to increase temperatures in a space, which is why overall air quality doesn't drop while an electric unit is operated throughout long heating routines.
  2. Gas: Fireplaces that use gas as a heating source continue to keep a space warm throughout power outages. The smoke from the fireplace can be contained by using a proper insert.
  3. Direct vent: A direct vent gas fireplace also requires gas. However, it distributes hot air differently around a space because it's designed with direct-vent combustion hardware.

Fireplace Advantages
If you want to make a certain area in your home a focal point, you can wow everyone by installing a fireplace. Because a fireplace has a unique design, such as strategically layered bricks and a solid mantle, it stands out in a space. During the winter, you can put pictures and trophies on the mantle and surround the entire unit with furniture. After you light the fireplace, everyone can sit next to it and enjoy the atmosphere as the flames illuminate the space.

Majestic fireplaces, Napoleon fireplaces, and Regency fireplaces are popular options that you may want to consider. All Majestic units are designed with top-of-the-line components to ensure durability and reliability. Napoleon fireplaces are made with features that provide performance and comfort benefits. Regency offers a versatile product line of fireplaces with unique designs that will fit any style of home. 

Key Benefits
When a fireplace is used as a main heating source, overall energy costs drop. The total costs will vary depending on the type of unit that is used to heat a space. If you heat a space with an electric unit, you won't have to run your HVAC unit regularly, which is beneficial since a typical HVAC system can waste energy by heating empty spaces. Although electric fireplaces generate isolated heat, a gas fireplace provides the biggest energy savings because it heats an area without using energy from a power grid.
The cold Canadian winter is approaching quickly, visit Maple Air today to pick out a fireplace for your home. Although a fireplace is perfect during the cold weather, it can be used year round and will improve the value and look of your home. Our experts can help you find the perfect fireplace for your home, contact us today. 

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